Inventurous, LLC is a unique company that helps innovative thinkers discover the true value of their ideas.

We have the ability to help individuals who believe their idea or invention can be a breakthrough product or technology, but haven’t been able to take the next step.

In addition to helping individuals, Inventurous, LLC can help companies who have been stifled by a problem, such as a product in need of improvements or a patent that is preventing it from being competitive, by developing a solution.

Who We Are

Inventurous, LLC was created to help inventors and innovative thinkers find companies that will help them make a profit by bringing their ideas and products to market.To learn more about who we are, click here!

What We Do

We find companies who are interested in your ideas and assist you in obtaining a license or selling your invention to them. In addition to helping individuals, Inventurous provides innovative solutions to problems that companies may be facing. Find out what we do and how Inventurous can help you here!

How We’re Unique

We are not an invention submission company and we only make money if you make money. Read more about how we are different from invention submission companies here!